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We have everything, and we do mean everything, including:

  • Alcove baths
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  • Bathroom sinks
  • Bathroom faucets
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Bidets
  • Doors
  • Hardware
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  • Storage
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Whatever type of bathroom product or accessory you want, has exactly what you want. Whether you’re looking for a faucet or a full scale bathroom suite with all fixtures and fittings, we have it for you right here. Bookmark this page, and use us as your guide for prices with our big discounts. Compare our quality, prices, and product selection choices and you’ll see why is America’s leading online bathroom store.

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ROHL 300073RHL00

Eclissi Wall Mount Rough Valve by ROHL

Product Code: 300073RHL00


$220.00 $165.00


ROHL 16003073NEMB

Eclissi Inner Ring Replacement For All Configurations in Matte Black by ROHL

Product Code: 16003073NEMB


$37.00 $37.00


Many Colors

ROHL 16003242

Eclissi Five Hole Tub Spout Tube Only by ROHL

Product Code: 16003242


$202.00 $151.50


Many Colors
Many Colors


Eclissi 3" Kitchen Faucet Handle by ROHL

Product Code: EC81IW

W 3" x D 1 1/3" x H 3"Eclissi Collection

$100.00 $75.00


Many Colors

ROHL 16003224

Eclissi Concealed Single Piece Wall Rough Body Assembly by ROHL

Product Code: 16003224


$106.00 $79.50


ROHL 16003180

Eclissi T Junction G1/2" with Plug for Five Hole Tub Filler Ec05D5 by ROHL

Product Code: 16003180


$97.00 $72.75


ROHL 16003069

Eclissi Single Hole 1.2 GPM Aerator by ROHL

Product Code: 16003069


$599.00 $449.25


ROHL 16003051

Eclissi Hot and Cold Supply Lines by ROHL

Product Code: 16003051


$35.00 $26.25


ROHL 16002917

Eclissi Cartridge Retainer Nut by ROHL

Product Code: 16002917


$56.00 $42.00


ROHL 16002916

Eclissi Single Lever O-Ring Set Under Cartridge by ROHL

Product Code: 16002916


$66.00 $49.50


ROHL 16002914

Eclissi Handle Screw Insert by ROHL

Product Code: 16002914


$53.00 $39.75


ROHL 16002350

Eclissi Five Hole Tub Filler M12 x 1C - G1/2F L200 Dn8 Uniqo Tp Neutro by ROHL

Product Code: 16002350


$223.00 $167.25


ROHL 16002308

Eclissi Side Valve Deck Spacer by ROHL

Product Code: 16002308


$73.00 $54.75


ROHL 16002125

Eclissi Check Valve/Restrictor by ROHL

Product Code: 16002125


$197.00 $147.75


ROHL 16002060

Eclissi Spout Washer/Nut Fixing Kit by ROHL

Product Code: 16002060


$30.00 $22.50


ROHL 16001909

Eclissi Double Action Cartridge by ROHL

Product Code: 16001909


$78.00 $58.50


ROHL 16001696

Eclissi Five Hole Tub Filler M12 x 1M M15 x 1F L150 Dn8 by ROHL

Product Code: 16001696


$53.00 $39.75


ROHL 16001687

Eclissi Deck Diverter Housing by ROHL

Product Code: 16001687


$7.00 $5.25


ROHL 16001442

Eclissi Flow Straightener by ROHL

Product Code: 16001442


$8.00 $6.00


ROHL 16001028

Eclissi Flow Restrictor by ROHL

Product Code: 16001028


$29.00 $21.75


ROHL 16000858

Eclissi Five Hole Tub Filler by ROHL

Product Code: 16000858


$9.00 $6.75


ROHL 16000812

Eclissi Key for Flow Straightener by ROHL

Product Code: 16000812


$6.00 $4.50


ROHL 16000740

Eclissi Two-Way Diverter Cartridge by ROHL

Product Code: 16000740


$6.00 $4.50


ROHL 16000649

Eclissi 1/2" Cold Cartridge by ROHL

Product Code: 16000649


$18.00 $13.50


ROHL 16000648

Eclissi 1/2" Hot Cartridge by ROHL

Product Code: 16000648


$40.00 $30.00


ROHL 16000552

Eclissi Aerator Cache by ROHL

Product Code: 16000552


$23.00 $17.25


ROHL 16000549

Eclissi Ribbon Spout Seal Junction by ROHL

Product Code: 16000549


$65.00 $48.75


ROHL 16000529

Eclissi Tube Spout Aerator Key by ROHL

Product Code: 16000529


$16.00 $12.00


ROHL 16000479

Eclissi Undermount Deck Fixing Kit by ROHL

Product Code: 16000479


$4.00 $3.00


ROHL 16000438

Eclissi Undermount Stabilizing Triangle by ROHL

Product Code: 16000438


$10.00 $7.50


ROHL 16000224

Eclissi Aerator with Wrench Perlator by ROHL

Product Code: 16000224


$26.00 $19.50


ROHL 16000212

Eclissi Supply Hose Five Hole Tub Filler by ROHL

Product Code: 16000212


$8.00 $6.00


ROHL 16000118

Eclissi 1/2" Side Valve by ROHL

Product Code: 16000118


$47.00 $35.25


ROHL 16000114

Eclissi Sidevalve Nut or Washer by ROHL

Product Code: 16000114


$15.00 $11.25


Many Colors


Eclissi Single Hole Floor Mount Tub Filler Trim Inner Handle by ROHL

Product Code: TEC06IH


$59.00 $44.25


Many Colors

ROHL 16003050

Eclissi Side Valve with 1/2" NPT Inlet x 1/2" NPSM Outlet Only EC08D3 by ROHL

Product Code: 16003050


$594.00 $445.50


Many Colors

ROHL 16003199

Eclissi Deck Escutcheon Tube Spout Ec06D5 by ROHL

Product Code: 16003199


$114.00 $85.50


Many Colors
Many Colors

ROHL 16003152

Eclissi Inner Ring Replacement For 3/4" Thermostatic Shower Trims by ROHL

Product Code: 16003152


$31.00 $23.25


Many Colors
Many Colors

ROHL 16003151

Eclissi Inner Ring Replacement for Shower Trims by ROHL

Product Code: 16003151


$31.00 $23.25


Many Colors
Many Colors

ROHL 16003036

Eclissi Stem Cover Cap Ec01-02D1 by ROHL

Product Code: 16003036


$73.00 $54.75


Many Colors
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