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Pedestal & Sink Combos

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What bathroom addition is potentially both classic and contemporary, both functional and aesthetically pleasing? The pedestal sink, which you’ll find in a wide array of pedestal basin designs at discounted prices at DecorPlanet.com. Read more +

No bathroom remodel or construction is complete without a brand new bathroom pedestal basin. With all the affordable options at DecorPlanet.com, you’re sure to find one that’s just right for you - and if you live in the US, you’ll get free shipping!

What Is the Basin or Pedestal Sink?
In order to qualify as a “pedestal”, the sink must either stand on a pillar. The basin sink can stand on a pillar or be wall mounted. In either case, they’re freestanding, unlike the sink that’s drop mounted directly into a large cabinet or surface. In many of the designs, the plumbing is hidden away in the wall or within the unit, so you don’t need to worry about all of the plumbing being visible, unless you don’t mind a sleek, silver pipe jutting a bit from under the sink, as it does in some designs. Not only do pedestal and basin varieties of sinks look stunning, artistic, classic and contemporary all at once, they free up a lot of floor space in the bathroom. This not only lets the bathroom feel less cramped, but it allows for easy cleaning, too. Mops, brooms and vacuum heads have no trouble fitting under or around the pedestals. Basins offer even more room if they’re wall mounted; there’s literally nothing below the sink.

Types of Pedestal Basins and Sinks
The one drawback of so many quality pieces being available for such affordable prices at DecorPlanet.com is that it’s hard to make a decision! Consider some of the different types you have to choose from:

  • Wall mounted: These basin sinks mount directly into the wall and seem to float unsupported.
  • Pedestal bottom: can be simplistic or artistic. You’ll find plain white pillars and sleek glass pillars and even curvaceous wrought iron designs.
  • Basins: Basins are more than just the typical rounded sink. Depending on the design, your sink may seem like a beautiful bowl jutting from the wall or from a flat surface. They can also seem like a slightly angular slab of marble or a bowl atop an intricate wrought iron pedestal.

You’ll find all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors when it comes to basins and pedestals in the bathroom. There is no bathroom décor you cannot seamlessly fit these sinks into!

Ordering a Bathroom Basin
If you don’t believe that we’ll sell you our stock at the lowest possible price, try to find the same item for less elsewhere. If you do, we’ll give it to you for even less than that lower price! All you have to do to get that pedestal sink of your dreams on its way to you is place an order. Read less -


American Standard 0328

American Standard 0328 Townsend 30" FireClay Pedestal Bathroom Sink with Rear Overflow and Pedestal Leg

Product Code: 0328

W 30" x D 19 1/2" x H 35 1/4"Townsend Collection


Many Colors

Many Colors

American Standard 0328.00

American Standard 0328.00 Townsend 30" FireClay Pedestal Bathroom Sink with Rear Overflow

Product Code: 0328.00

W 30" x D 19 1/2"Townsend Collection


Many Colors

Many Colors

American Standard 0641

American Standard 0641 Boulevard 24 Inch Pedestal Sink

Product Code: 0641

L 24" x W 19" x H 7"Boulevard Collection


Many Colors

Many Colors


TOTO LT930 Lloyd 28 3/4" Single Bowl Fireclay Rectangular Bathroom Sink in Ebony

Product Code: LT930

W 28 3/4" x D 19 5/8" x H 6 7/8"Lloyd Collection




TOTO LT640.4#01

TOTO LT640.4#01 Dartmouth 22 7/8" Single Bowl Vitreous China Oval Bathroom Sink in Cotton

Product Code: LT640.4#01

W 22 7/8" x D 17" x H 8 1/2"Dartmouth Collection





TOTO LT315G Augusta Decorative 26" Single Bowl Vitreous China Rectangular Bathroom Sink

Product Code: LT315G


Many Colors

Many Colors

Decotec 103387

Decotec 103387 Ylang 26" Pedestal U-Shaped Bathroom Sink with Overflow

Product Code: 103387

W 26" x D 15 1/2" x H 5 3/4"Ylang Collection


Many Colors

Many Colors

Decotec 103080

Decotec 103080 Arome 31 1/2" Pedestal Oval Bathroom Sink with Overflow in White Polar

Product Code: 103080

W 31 1/2" x D 21 5/8" x H 36"Arome Collection



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