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A4212 Rohl A4212 Avanti/Lombardia 2 1/8" Trim for Diverter/Volume Control Wall Valve
AKIT49171E Rohl AKIT49171E Country Bath Exposed Thermostatic Shower Package with Single Function Showerhead
AKIT49172 Rohl AKIT49172 Country Bath Exposed Shower Package with Single Function Showerhead
3665EN Santec 3665EN Enzo Paper Holder
3664EN Santec 3664EN Enzo Towel Ring
3668EN Santec 3668EN Enzo Glass Soap Dish Matches "EN" Handle (Not Available In Split Finishes)
3666EN Santec 3666EN Enzo Robe Hook
2970EY Santec 2970EY Bidet Fitting with EY Handles
2965VA Santec 2965VA Paper Holder
2966VA Santec 2966VA Robe Hook
2962VA Santec 2962VA 18" Towel Bar
2964VA Santec 2964VA Towel Ring
2970ET Santec 2970ET Heritage II Bidet Fitting with ET Handles
2970EC Santec 2970EC Bidet Fitting with EC Handles
2965EU Santec 2965EU Paper Holder with Swarovski Crystals
2966EU Santec 2966EU Robe Hook with Swarovski Crystals
2962EU Santec 2962EU 18" Towel Bar with Swarovski Crystals
2964EU Santec 2964EU Towel Ring with Swarovski Crystals
2220CN Santec 2220CN Kriss I Widespread Lavatory with CN Handle (Includes Valves and 1-1/4" Drain Assembly)
2270CN Santec 2270CN Kriss I Bidet Widespread with CN Handles
2265KU Santec 2265KU Paper Holder
2266KU Santec 2266KU Robe Hook
2264KU Santec 2264KU Towel Ring
708205 Santec 708205 Siwa All Brass Body Spray with Flange (with Rubber Nozzles for Easy Lime Deposit Cleaning, 1/2" Female Connection, 2-1/4" OD Flange)
2270KC Santec 2270KC Kriss Crystal Bidet Widespread with KC Handles
708470 Santec 708470 Hand Shower Set with Slidebar and Single Function Handheld
3566TU Santec 3566TU Robe Hook
3564TU Santec 3564TU Towel Ring
3562TU Santec 3562TU 18" Towel Bar
3565TU Santec 3565TU Paper Holder
1120LL Santec 1120LL Monarch I Widespread Lavatory with LL Handle (Includes Valves and 1-1/4" Drain Assembly)
1170LL Santec 1170LL Monarch I Bidet Fitting with LL Handles (Includes Integral Vacuum Breaker, Aerated Spray, 1-1/4" Pop-Up Drain Assembly)
8162LU Santec 8162LU 18" Towel Bar
8165LU Santec 8165LU Paper Holder
8166LU Santec 8166LU Robe Hook
8164LU Santec 8164LU Towel Ring
5670MO Santec 5670MO Novo Bidet Fitting with MO Handles (Includes 1-1/4" Pop-Up Drain Assembly)
5655MO Santec 5655MO Novo Roman Tub Filler with MO Handle and Hand Shower - (Rough Included Cannot Ship Separately)
A1808 Rohl A1808 Hex 5 1/2" Double Handle Widespread C-Spout Bathroom Sink Faucet
A1884 Rohl A1884 Hex 8 1/8" Two Handle Widespread/Deck Mounted Hex Spout Roman Tub Filler
A1801 Rohl A1801 Hex 8 1/4" Double Handle Wall Mount Exposed Tub Filler with Handshower
A1803 Rohl A1803 Hex 6 5/8" Wall Mount Tub Spout without Diverter
A1804 Rohl A1804 Hex 8 1/8" Two Handle Widespread/Deck Mounted Hex Spout Roman Tub Filler with Handshower
6565VO Santec 6565VO Paper Holder
C7950 Rohl C7950 1 7/8" Universal Tank Lever with Trip Arm
6566VO Santec 6566VO Robe Hook
6564VO Santec 6564VO Towel Ring
A1409 Rohl A1409 Acqui 6 3/8" Double Handle Widespread C-Spout Bathroom Sink Faucet
A1414 Rohl A1414 Acqui 9 7/8" Two Handle Widespread/Deck Mounted Victorian Spout Roman Tub Filler
A1419 Rohl A1419 Acqui 6 1/2" Double Handle Bridge Bathroom Sink Faucet

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