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Catalano SF0704DO-V03 Sfera Tall 70 Wall Cabinet With Finish: Grey Oak Lati (Wood Veneer)

Product Code: SF0704DO-V03

About Catalano SF0704DO-V03 Sfera Tall 70 Wall Cabinet

Configured as:
Finish: Grey Oak Lati (Wood Veneer)
  • Tall Cabinet with 4 doors. Ideal for storage.
  • Frameless cabinet box made of 3/4” maple plywood with a light maple woodgrain finish.
  • Door hinges are fully concealed and are drilled and screwed into the door. They are self-closing and feature a 6-way adjustment.

This product has the following variations:

SF0704DO-V01 With Finish: Walnut Burl (Wood Veneer) $4,125.00
SF0704DO-V07 With Finish: Anigre Figured (Wood Veneer) $4,125.00
SF0704DO-V06 With Finish: Walnut Crown (Wood Veneer) $4,125.00
SF0704DO-P04 With Finish: Cornsilk Limosa Wave (Wood Grain Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-V02 With Finish: Zebra (Wood Veneer) $4,125.00
SF0704DO-V09 With Finish: Wenge Groove (Wood Veneer) $4,125.00
SF0704DO-V08 With Finish: Ash Lati (Wood Veneer) $4,125.00
SF0704DO-P05 With Finish: Silver Oak Natural (Wood Grain Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-V03 With Finish: Grey Oak Lati (Wood Veneer) $4,125.00
SF0704DO-P09 With Finish: Frost White Flame (Pattern Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-V10 With Finish: Silver Ash (Wood Veneer) $4,125.00
SF0704DO-P06 With Finish: Grey Oak Cross Curve (Wood Grain Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-V04 With Finish: Ebony Safari (Wood Veneer) $4,125.00
SF0704DO-P02 With Finish: Grey Velvet (Pattern Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-P08 With Finish: Elevated Ebony High Gloss (Wood Grain Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-P07 With Finish: Wenge Microline (Wood Grain Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-P03 With Finish: Black Flame (Pattern Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-P28 With Finish: Zinco Doha (Soft-Touch Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-P01 With Finish: White Velvet (Pattern Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-P18 With Finish: Nero (Soft-Touch Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-P30 With Finish: Bianco Alaska (Soft-Touch Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-P17 With Finish: Castoro Ottawa (Soft-Touch Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-P19 With Finish: Beige Luxor (Soft-Touch Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-H01 With Finish: Arctic (High Gloss) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-P29 With Finish: Bianco Male (Soft-Touch Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-H09 With Finish: Champagne (High Gloss) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-P55 With Finish: Juzu (Soft-Touch Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-H02 With Finish: Ivory (High Gloss) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-P72 With Finish: Agadir (Soft-Touch Laminate) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-H04 With Finish: Light Grey (High Gloss) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-H07 With Finish: Cobalt (High Gloss) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-H03 With Finish: Glacier (High Gloss) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-H08 With Finish: Graphite (High Gloss) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-H05 With Finish: Slate (High Gloss) $3,052.50
SF0704DO-H06 With Finish: Black (High Gloss) $3,052.50
Dimensions: W 27 1/2" x H 72 3/4" x D 11 3/4"
Installation Type Wall Mount Cabinet
Style Modern/Contemporary
Height 72 3/4 in
Width 27 1/2 in
Depth 11 3/4 in
Cabinet Finish White, Black, Dark Wood, Light Wood, Espresso, Wenge, Greys, Blues, Silver Tones, Ash, Oak, Gray Oak
Number of Doors 4
Cabinet Material Engineered Wood
Cabinet Hinges Slow Closing Hinges
Made In USA
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