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Shower Panels

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Category:Tub and Shower Faucets
Subcategory:Shower Panels
Shower Panels - a spa-like showering experience!

Shower panel systems give your shower a level of sophistication and comfort that can create a spa-like atmosphere. Read more +

Massage jets, rain systems, and basic handheld showerheads can be combined to give you choices with the way you shower. Control water pressure and temperature easily with knobs all located on one panel. Thermostatic options further your choice when it comes to experiencing a shower that could only be defined as luxurious each and every day that it’s used. Read less -


Nameeks S2214CR

Nameeks S2214CR Shower Panel Fima

Product Code: S2214CR

Shower Column Height: 83 1/4" |Shower Head Width: 8"Fima Frattini Collection



Nameeks S2213CR

Nameeks S2213CR Shower Panel Fima

Product Code: S2213CR

Shower Column Height: 83 1/4" | Shower Head Width: 8"Fima Frattini Collection



Pulse 1051-G

Pulse 1051-G Pacifica Retrofit Shower System in Gray Stainless Steel

Product Code: 1051-G

W 15-1/4" x D 19" x H 38-1/2"Pacifica Collection



Pulse 1041

Pulse 1041 Sedona Shower Panel in Hammered Copper Finish

Product Code: P-1041

W 11" x D 22-1/4" x H 59-1/2"Sedona Collection



Pulse 1040

Pulse 1040 Barcelona Shower Panel in White Venetian Glass

Product Code: P-1040

W 11" x D 22-1/4" x H 58-1/2"Barcelona Collection



Pulse 1036-S

Pulse 1036-S Shangri-La Retrofit Shower System in Silver Finish

Product Code: 1036-S

W 15" x D 18" x H 31"Shangri-La Collection



Pulse 1034

Pulse 1034 Waimea Shower Panel in Matte Stainless Steel Finish

Product Code: P-1034

W 8" x D 21-3/4" x H 61-1/2"Waimea Collection



Pulse 1033

Pulse 1033 Santa Cruz Shower Panel in Bronze Finish

Product Code: P-1033

W 8" x D 17-3/4" x H 61"Santa Cruz Collection



Pulse 1027

Pulse 1027 Vaquero Shower Panel in Hammered Nickel Finish

Product Code: P-1027

W 12-1/4" x D 18-1/2" x H 60-1/4"Vaquero Collection



Pulse 1022-B

Pulse 1022-B Leilani Shower Panel in Black Finish

Product Code: 1022-B

W 11" x D 18" x H 53-1/2"Leilani Collection



Pulse 1020-S

Pulse 1020-S Splash Retrofit Shower System in Satin Silver Finish

Product Code: 1020-S

W 7-1/2" x D 16-1/2" x H 37"Splash Collection



Pulse 1018

Pulse 1018 Navajo Shower Panel in Hammered Copper Finish

Product Code: P-1018

W 12" x D 18" x H 60-1/2"Navajo Collection



Pulse 1016

Pulse 1016 Mojave Shower Panel in Hammered Copper Finish

Product Code: P-1016

W 12-1/4" x D 18-1/2" x H 60-1/4"Mojave Collection



Pulse 1015-2

Pulse 1015-2 Makena II Shower Panel in Black

Product Code: 1015-2

W 10-1/2" x D 22-3/4" x H 57-3/4"Makena II Collection



Pulse 1013-GL

Pulse 1013-GL Kihei II Shower Panel in Silver Finish

Product Code: 1013-GL

W 13" x D 18" x H 58"Kihei II Collection



Graff G-8750

Graff G-8750 Ametis 68 1/2" Thermostatic Shower System

Product Code: G-8750

H 68 1/2" x D 21 5/8"Ametis Collection


Many Colors

Many Colors

Nameeks A001250

Nameeks A001250 Gedy Shower Panel

Product Code: Gedy-A001250

W 13" x H 54 3/8" x D 11 3/8"Gedy Collection



Nameeks A011100

Nameeks A011100 Gedy Shower Panel

Product Code: Gedy-A011100

W 8 1/4" x H 63 3/8" x D 18 1/4"Gedy Collection



Nameeks A001100

Nameeks A001100 Gedy Shower Panel

Product Code: Gedy-A001100

W 8 5/8" x H 62 3/8" x D 17 3/4"Gedy Collection



Vigo VG08011

Vigo VG08011 Retrofit 38 3/8" Shower Panel System with Showerhead in Stainless Steel

Product Code: VG08011

H 38 3/8" x W 3 1/2" x D 18 1/8"Retrofit Collection



Vigo VG08009

Vigo VG08009 Sutherland 65" Thermostatic Shower Panel System with Body Sprays

Product Code: VG08009

H 65" x W 6 1/4" x D 17 1/2"Sutherland Collection


Many Colors

Many Colors

Graff G-8800-LM37S-T

Graff G-8800-LM37S-T 51" Thermostatic Shower Panel and M.E./M.E. 25 Handles

Product Code: G-8800-LM37S-T

H 51" x W 7 3/4" x D 20 3/8"


Many Colors

Many Colors
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