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The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that all Americans, particularly those with disabilities, are able to enter buildings and use utilities safely and equally. Read more +

Opt for ADA compliant toilets in your business or home. Businesses are legally required to provide ADA toilets and those who live with people with disabilities benefit from such utilities in their homes. Even if no one is currently disabled in your home, you never know if the additional safety provided by these toilets will serve you or your family in the future. ADA approval is especially essential when you’re considering wall mounted toilets, so search through the online catalog for ADA today!

Benefits of ADA Compliant Toilets
In the United States, all utilities provided to the public must be ADA compliant. If you’re in charge of a business, no matter how large or how small, whether you see clients enter the building or only a small team of employees work in your business, you must provide toilets in the restrooms that have been approved by the ADA. Should a building inspector find out that you haven’t, you could face fines and have to replace the toilets regardless. offers toilets approved by the ADA that are so affordable, you won’t need to question taking that extra step to make sure toilets in your building are ADA compliant. If you’re remodeling your home, toilets with ADA approval are a no-brainer if you have disabled or elderly people living with you. However, even if you don’t currently live with anyone who is disabled or elderly, consider the benefits of ADA compliance. Toilets with the ADA stamp of approval are sturdier, safer and easier to access. If any of your guests ever needs the extra assistance or if you or a loved one should experience anything even as simple as recovery from minor surgery, the toilet will benefit you.

Why Choose Wall Mounted Toilets?
Toilets that are literally mounted into the wall take up less space in the bathroom or stall than traditional floor-mounted toilets and they can be aesthetically pleasing in a well-designed bathroom. You’ll also find that cleaning below and around the toilet becomes much easier because there is no plumbing directly below the toilet seat. Remember, though, that when you opt for wall mounting, the toilets need to be especially sturdy for those with access issues. That’s why it’s so essential that you shop from a list of ADA-approved wall mounted toilets like the one you’ll find at

Order Wall Mounted ADA Toilets
If you want to make sure your business or home provides the safest utilities for your customers, your employees, your friends or your family, get ADA compliant toilets. The ADA toilets at are among the most advanced toilets you’ll find at the most affordable prices. Simply take a look at what we've got to offer. You will find what you need here! Order your wall mounted toilets now through We offer free shipping in the US for most products! Read less -

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