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Toilet Brushes and Holders


When you’re redecorating a bathroom or outfitting a bathroom for the first time, it’s easy to miss those little details. But forgetting to buy toilet bowl brushes for your bathroom can leave you in the lurch once it comes time to clean the toilet. Read more +

Running out to buy a cheap plastic toilet brush holder isn’t the answer; it’ll look gaudy and out of place—and it’ll break easily! When you can buy quality toilet brushes and holders at DecorPlanet.com at super low prices, why settle for anything less? Enjoy free shipping to the US, too!

The Decorative Toilet Brush Holder
Why bother spending just a bit more on quality toilet brush sets? Because the quality toilet brush sets at DecorPlanet.com will last a long, long time. In the time you use one quality set, you could go through dozens of cheap plastic sets. When you consider how inexpensive the DecorPlanet.com toilet brush sets are, what’s really cheaper? Spending a bit more at the get-go or shelling out more in the long run as you replace one toilet brush and holder after another? The answer is: Our quality toilet brush sets are cheaper in the long run. There’s another advantage of getting a quality toilet brush set and that has to do with the aesthetic look of the set. Quality sets are more beautiful than cheap, plastic sets. They blend into the décor of your bathroom without screaming, “This is what I use to clean the toilet!” You can even match the brush holder to a more comprehensive decorating scheme in your bathroom. If you’re going all out and buying everything from a new showerhead to a new soap dish, why not get a brush holder that matches the rest?

Types of Toilet Bowl Brushes and Holders
The brushes and brush holders you find at DecorPlanet.com come in a variety of colors and mounts. Choose, for example, any of the following:

  • Wall mount: This brush holder, which comes with a toilet brush, mounts directly into your wall. Keep your bathroom floor clear of accessories and you can easily stick a mop, broom or vacuum underneath for quick cleaning.
  • Free standing: Place the holder wherever there’s room. Hide it at the back of the toilet if you need extra space toward the front.
  • Chrome finish: The classic bathroom color. A bright shiny silver brush holder looks spectacular with most any bathroom design.
  • Ceramic finish: Pristine white color for classic and contemporary bathrooms alike.
  • Glass finish: Frosty clear color. The glass holder is especially great for contemporary designs.

Order Quality Toilet Brushes and Holders
No more replacing toilet brushes every few months. Buy a quality toilet brush holder from DecorPlanet.com today—you won’t get one for less anywhere else! If you find the same model toilet bowl brushes elsewhere on sale for cheaper, just let us know. Thanks to our 110% price match guarantee, you’ll get the product for even less than the lower price! Call us at (800) 504-9974 during the day or chat with us online if you have any questions. Read less -

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