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Wall Sconces


One way to provide soft lighting with a decorative touch is to add wall sconces. Wall sconces can be as simple or as elaborate as a room or space requires. Read more + offers wall sconces for every style and taste, designed to scale for any residential or commercial design application.

The functional beauty of sconces lies in the ability to control the quantity and quality of light at any point on a wall. Change the color of light with a certain shade, whether the goal is bright, white and clean light, or a warm yellow kerosene glow. Shades can also control the level of light diffusion for the perfect balance of light and effect.

Within a home, wall sconces are often placed on either side of artwork or mirrors for balance and attractive framing or to create a kind of stage for dramatic effect. And from a practical perspective, with proper wall alignment, wall sconces are perfect as a reading light next to beds or sofas, and eliminate the need for space-occupying table lamps for those looking to eliminate potential clutter. has a plethora of wall sconces to choose from in a variety of beautiful styles so you can find the lighting that perfectly fits your personal decorating mantra. Read less -

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