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Toilets & Bidets


A bathroom isn’t called a bathroom without a toilet. The nice thing about bathroom design and functionality these days is that you have your choice when it comes to toilets, bidets and washlets. Read more +

They can accommodate your style, as well as your needs with a variety of features. From one- and two-piece toilets to eco-friendly toilets and dual flush toilets with lower water consumption, has what you need.

Different shaped toilets can be situated to maximize the space of a smaller bathroom. For example, a round toilet might fit better than an elongated toilet. Elongated bowls provide more comfort for older adults. Toilets come in different colors and finishes to go with any style. Ways to enhance your toilet include the addition of easily installed bidets and washlets that will fit nearly any toilet. We also have many models that are ADA compliant. In a world where luxury is more accessible to the average homeowner, concern about water usage is widespread, and toilets come in more than one style, wants you to be able to choose the perfect toilet and bidet that works for you, and will continue to work for you for years to come. Read less -