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Category:Lighting & Fans
Type:Indoor Lighting×

Chandeliers have gained a new level of popularity in recent years. For homeowners who love the glamour and elegance of a chandelier, a cavernous dining room like those out of the over-the-top glamorous comedic films of the 1930s (complemented by satin and plenty of feather boas) is no longer required. Read more +

Place a chandelier in your dressing room or closet to elevate Monday mornings. Choose a chandelier to turn your basement from a comfortable rec room to a five-star lodge, or pick a style that could turn your basement into a dance hall. Have an office or workroom that could use a touch of refinement for inspiration? There’s a chandelier for that space, too. offers a wide range of chandeliers in multiple styles — from rustic to contemporary, Tiffany to traditional. You’ll also find a huge selection of finishes, from striking black to chrome, copper, distressed bronze and more. Whether you love elements of the past or you live in the now, has a chandelier that reflects you.

Choose from fluorescent, halogen, incandescent and LED to create the ambiance you need. You can even select the best illumination and lighting direction to suit the use of your room. Choose your level of drama — has the chandelier you’ve been searching for. Read less -


Varaluz 309C19HG

Matrix 19 Light 30" Candelabra Hand-Forged Recycled Steel Chandelier in Havana Gold by Varaluz

Product Code: 309C19HG

W 30" x H 50"Matrix Collection

$5,198.75 $4,159.00


ELK Home D4662

Brinicle 18 Light 26" Incandescent Four Tier Chandelier in Aged Brass by ELK Home

Product Code: D4662

W 26" x H 80"Brinicle Collection

$4,610.52 $2,561.40


Elan Lighting 83619

Destiny 4 Light 27 3/4" LED Chandelier in Chrome Finish by Elan Lighting

Product Code: 83619

W 27 3/4" x H 2 1/4"Destiny Collection

$2,454.99 $1,964.99


Varaluz 126C06HO

Soho 6 Light 28 1/2" Incandescent Recycled Brown Tint Ice Glass Chandelier in Hammered Ore by Varaluz

Product Code: 126C06HO

W 28 1/2" x H 37 1/2"Soho Collection

$2,136.25 $1,709.00


ELK Home D4667

Castle 20 Light 47" Incandescent Two Tier Chandelier in Oil Rubbed Bronze by ELK Home

Product Code: D4667

W 47" x H 116"Castle Collection

$2,517.73 $1,398.74


Elk Lighting 70212-3-LED

Ethan 3 Light 18" LED Chandelier Light in Tiffany Bronze by Elk Lighting

Product Code: 70212-3-LED

W 18" x H 20"Ethan Collection

$1,202.40 $668.00


Elan Lighting 84178

Kizette 24 Light 32" LED Ceiling Mount Double Tier Chandelier in Champagne Gold by Elan Lighting

Product Code: 84178

W 32" x H 60 1/4" x D 32"Kizette Collection

$2,044.99 $1,634.99


Kichler Lighting 43725CH

Piper 6 Light Oval Chandelier-Pendant by Kichler Lighting

Product Code: 43725CH

H 12 1/4" x W 36"Piper Collection

$1,734.99 $1,384.99


Kichler Lighting 84068CG

Arabella 3 Light 20 1/2" LED Chandelier in Champagne Gold by Kichler Lighting

Product Code: KL-84068CG

W 20 1/2" x H 100"Arabella Collection

$745.00 $495.00


Elan Lighting 84068CG

Arabella 6 Light 20 1/2" LED Ceiling Mount Single Tier Chandelier in Champagne Gold by Elan Lighting

Product Code: 84068CG

W 20 1/2" x H 100" x D 20 1/2"Arabella Collection

$644.99 $514.99


Elk Lighting 66974-6

Xenia 6 Light 22" Incandescent Chandelier Light in Matte Gold by Elk Lighting

Product Code: 66974-6

W 22" x H 15" x D 18"Xenia Collection

$799.20 $444.00


Varaluz 314C09HGCB

Bodie 9 Light 36" Incandescent Chandelier in Havana Gold by Varaluz

Product Code: 314C09HGCB

W 36" x H 33 1/2"Bodie Collection

$1,236.25 $989.00


Kichler Lighting 44346PNLED

Lasus 6 Light 40 1/4" LED Ceiling Mount Three Tier Chandelier by Kichler Lighting

Product Code: 44346PNLED

W 40 1/4" x H 24 1/2" x D 13 3/4"Lasus Collection

$1,184.99 $949.99


Varaluz 320C06CBAG

Rikki 6 Light 26" Candelabra Hand-Forged Recycled Steel Chandelier in Carbon/Aged Gold by Varaluz

Product Code: 320C06CBAG

W 26" x H 21"Rikki Collection

$1,098.75 $879.00


Elk Lighting 89047-8

Erindale 8 Light 30" Incandescent One Tier Chandelier in Natural Brass by Elk Lighting

Product Code: 89047-8

W 30" x H 64" x D 30"Erindale Collection

$1,364.40 $758.00


Kichler Lighting 49805WZC

Wright 3 Light 36" Incandescent Outdoor Linear Chandelier in Weathered Zinc by Kichler Lighting

Product Code: 49805WZC

W 36" x H 13 1/4"Wright Collection

$1,119.99 $899.99


Elk Lighting 46194-6

Lineo 6 Light 2 Incandescent Chandelier Light in Matte Black by Elk Lighting

Product Code: 46194-6

W 20" x H 9"Lineo Collection

$1,026.00 $570.00


Elk Lighting 14437-5

Boudreaux 5 Light 23" Incandescent One Tier Chandelier in Matte Black and Antique Gold by Elk Lighting

Product Code: 14437-5

W 23" x H 59" x D 23"Boudreaux Collection

$1,029.60 $572.00


Elk Lighting 75066-6

Ramsey 6 Light 24" Incandescent One Tier Chandelier in Satin Nickel and Beech Wood by Elk Lighting

Product Code: 75066-6

W 24" x H 60" x D 16"Ramsey Collection

$860.40 $478.00


Many Colors

Kichler Lighting 2955NI

Structures Collection Chandelier Linear 3 Light Halogen by Kichler Lighting

Product Code: 2955NI

H 21 1/2" x W 37"Structures Collection

$594.99 $474.99


Many Colors

Nuvo 60-359

Empire 6 Light 26" Incandescent One Tier Chandelier in Textured White by Nuvo

Product Code: 60-359

W 26" x H 14"Empire Collection

$359.99 $239.99


Elk Lighting 80081-3

3 Light 16" Incandescent One Tier Mini Chandelier in Teak Plated by Elk Lighting

Product Code: 80081-3

W 16" x H 95" x D 16"

$335.41 $186.34


Nuvo 60-185

Ballerina 5 Light 24" Incandescent One Tier Chandelier in Polished Brass by Nuvo

Product Code: 60-185


$266.99 $177.99


Kichler Lighting 43059

Braelyn Collection Chandelier Linear 6 Light by Kichler Lighting

Product Code: 43059

H 11 1/4" x W 15"Braelyn Collection

$619.99 $494.99


Kichler Lighting 43058

Braelyn Collection Chandelier 5 Light by Kichler Lighting

Product Code: 43058

H 11 1/4" x W 25"Braelyn Collection

$509.99 $404.99


Kichler Lighting 42907NI

Tanglewood Collection Chandelier 9 Light in Brushed Nickel by Kichler Lighting

Product Code: 42907NI

H 29 3/4" x W 32"Tanglewood Collection

$714.99 $574.99


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