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Under Cabinet Lighting


Dé offers a wide range of under cabinet lighting designed to fully brighten a room, or create a romantic setting. Low-profile recessed lights can be installed directly into shelves after cabinets have been installed. Read more +

Shadows and dim lighting can make it difficult to prepare meals and tend to declare what is otherwise meant to be the heart of the home as an uninviting space. Inappropriate or poorly planned kitchen lighting is often not conducive to appropriate illumination of kitchen counters and surrounding areas, which can limit safety. Poor lighting also tends to leave a kitchen’s highlights in the shadows. Many people have heirlooms or priceless dishes on display, yet the fluorescent lighting that preceded current options (and still exists in some older homes today) does not do justice to beautiful china pieces or beloved pieces of kitchen equipment that have been passed down through generations.

Under cabinet lighting is also appropriately used in bathrooms — whether to add to existing lighting and bring much-needed brightness to the space, to use as a guide in the middle of the night, or to create a calming atmosphere.

Dé has the type of under cabinet lighting you are looking for to contribute attractive extra lighting wherever it’s needed. Read less -

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