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Lighting & Fans


Lighting is an important element in any bathroom remodel or upgrade. Typically, the bathroom is the first room we walk into in the morning, and the last room we visit before going to bed. Read more +

For a variety of reasons, bathroom lighting is a vital component — no one wants to head out the door in the morning displaying missed details. The goal for every bathroom is adequate lighting.

Occasionally, bathroom lighting may be implemented in stages. For example, a homeowner can choose one set of lights for the shower. Then, when the budget allows, additional lighting can be chosen that sets off the vanity or sink. When determining placement and selecting the best lighting for a bathroom, whether large or small, it’s important to bear in mind that lighting directly placed over a mirror will cast shadows over the face, making it challenging to apply make-up or shave. Lighting fixtures meant to illuminate a bathroom, or any room in which a mirror is going to be hung, are best placed on either side of the mirror instead of above it.

Brighter white light bulbs are optimum for a bathroom. White bulbs provide a more realistic skin tone than soft white or yellow. (White bulbs can always be temporarily changed out for yellow if the goal is to create a softer environment.)

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