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Looking for 1 piece toilets for the bathrooms in your home or business? Want quality fixtures you can get at prices you can afford? Read more +

We’ve got the perfect one piece toilet for you at Whether you’re looking for a one piece elongated toilet or a basic round toilet, you’ll find it in our online catalog. And with our price match guarantee and free shipping to US addresses on most items, we know that you’ll find the toilet you need within your budget!

Why Choose a One Piece Toilet?
There are a number of reasons to opt for a one piece variety of toilet instead of a two piece—but if you prefer a two piece, the catalog has got those, too! Our favorite reasons to buy toilets in one piece include:

  • Simpler install: Install toilets in one piece faster than you would install two piece toilets.
  • Streamlined design: One piece types of toilets offer a more contemporary look than a number of two piece designs.
  • Takes up less space: While not all varieties of one piece designs are smaller than two piece designs, many are. Since the tank is not separate from the bowl in a one piece design, the toilet space is minimized. Some varieties have virtually no tank at all.

We’ve got eco toilets, classic toilets, dual flush and cyclone flush toilets, handle flush toilets, button flush toilets—you name it, we've got it! Whether you’re looking for something that will start a conversation whenever a guest uses your bathroom or you want a simplistic, attractive design, look no further than We stock the brands you want at prices you simply won’t find anywhere else.

The One Piece Elongated Toilet
An elongated toilet may be exactly what you’re looking for. Our one piece varieties offer all of the same advantages as the other one piece toilets, but in addition, you can look forward to a longer seat. The longer seat gives the user more room to sit and also places the typical user further away from the back of the toilet when the toilet is in use. In addition, some elongated toilets are slightly thinner width-wise than rounded toilets. This means that you can fit elongated toilets in small spaces. That’s great news if you’re working with limited space between a wall and a tub, for example. And with the gorgeous designs we have at low prices, you may simply find the elongated the more suitable item for your bathroom décor. Read less -

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