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Shower Caddy - Bathroom Baskets


The shower stall is one place where you don’t want to realize you forgot to grab something, especially when you’re dripping wet. Read more +

Plan ahead and install shower caddies and storage baskets for your bathroom, in the shower stall, near your sink, by the toilet or wherever else you could use an extra hand to hold all of your toiletries and other small items. Attractive baskets storage lovers and fans of beautiful décor alike will adore make a bathroom both practical and charming. Pay particular attention to the wall mounted baskets at, which are available at a fraction of the price charged by other retailers.

Why Choose Wall Mounted Baskets?
Baskets that you can affix to your wall make the most of what’s otherwise unused space: the walls. Walls in your bathroom, walls in your shower stall and walls virtually anywhere else in your home can provide storage space wherever you don’t otherwise have more space to use on the floor. Storage units affixed to the wall are also more convenient than floor storage units because you affix them at a convenient height. You won’t have to bend or stand on your tiptoes in order to grab what you need. Another reason to consider wall mounted storage units in the shower stall especially is that they’re sturdier units compared to unmounted shelves. Brush against these baskets and they won’t fall to the ground, dumping their contents everywhere and potentially causing you to trip or get hit by falling items. The wall mounted storage options provide safe and sturdy storage on which you can rely.

Types of Baskets for Wall Storage
The baskets you choose to install on your wall can be either large and tall in order to hold all you need to store or they can be as simple and small as a shelf designed to fit the average bar of soap. Consider the following options, just an example of all you’ll find at

  • The soap dish basket: Small, unobtrusive storage for a bar of soap or an item of similar size. Always have your soap within easy reach. The soap dish basket allows the soap to drain of water between use, which means that you won’t have to clean soap scum from a pooled dish.
  • Tier baskets: Enough room for bottles of shampoo and body wash. Multiple tiers provide ample storage for the whole family.
  • Corner baskets: Available in both large and small sizes, these baskets fit ideally in the corner of a shower stall or room, maximizing what’s otherwise wasted space.

Ordering Baskets for Storage
If you want to install baskets in your home or business, don’t shop around looking for the best price. You’ll get the best value for your money when you shop for baskets storage experts love at Don’t forget that you don’t need to be redecorating a bathroom to install wall mounted baskets.

Browse our online catalog and imagine these storage units wherever you need more space. Call us now at (800) 504-9974 to get started or simply add what you want to your shopping cart at our online store. Save even more with—most US orders qualify for free shipping! Read less -

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