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If your traditional toilet has ever bothered you for failing to flush properly or wasting large amounts of water unnecessarily, then dual flush toilets are exactly what you may not have even known you were looking for. Read more +

Two flush toilets are the perfect addition to any bathroom, whether you’re completely remodeling, building a new addition or just need to replace the broken-down toilet you’ve got. And where else but DecorPlanet.com can you find quality brands like Fresca and Toto dual flush toilets at unheard of prices? Nowhere, that’s where!

Why Choose Dual Flush Toilets?
There are number of reasons to opt for dual flush varieties of toilets and you’re sure to find at least one that makes the purchase the right decision for you. These reasons include:

  • Environmentally responsible: With the dual flush, you have two types of flushing options. The first is for liquid waste and the second is for solid waste. Traditional toilets waste the same amount of water for both liquid and solid waste, when the liquid waste alone requires far less water than solid waste.
  • Saves money: The less water your toilet wastes unnecessarily, the lower your water utility bill.
  • They’re affordable: At DecorPlanet.com, you’ll find dual flush varieties of toilets at incredibly low prices. Don’t convince yourself that dual flush isn’t worth the investment—these toilets would be worth quite a bit of investment, but you don’t have to worry about that when you buy them discounted from our online catalog!

You’ll find two flush is just as attractive and various as single flush. Take a look at the quality brands we offer—you’re sure to find one that fits the space and décor in your bathroom!

Ordering Fresca or Toto Dual Flush Toilets
If saving money, saving water and saving space seem like good ideas to you, install two flush toilets in every bathroom in your home or business. You won’t find Fresca or Toto dual flush toilets cheaper anywhere but DecorPlanet.com. If you don’t believe us because you found a cheaper price elsewhere on the same exact product, just let us know. We’ll give you those dual flush toilets for cheaper. That’s right—we’ll match the lower price and then give you an additional amount off! Get free shipping on most US orders! Place an order now online or call (800) 504-9974! Read less -

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