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Are you looking to create your dream kitchen? Simply deciding on a sink can be a challenge. From a material standpoint, there are multiple options. You can choose from classic enamel, stainless steel, and more. Read more +

But the sink’s composition is only one aspect of the decision. One thing to consider when choosing a kitchen sink is the type of countertop you currently have (or will have, if you’re remodeling). Granite or engineered stone countertops work best with stainless steel sinks, as they are easily mounted underneath the counter. Stainless steel sinks are better suited for people who are prone to letting cookware and dishes slip out of their hands. (Stainless steel sinks resist impact better than other categories of sinks.)

Enamel-coated cast iron sinks were the norm years ago, before stainless steel became readily available. Enamel-coated sinks are also durable, but it’s important to consider how the sink will be used — enamel does scratch and wear over time, so for those who may be tough on sinks, they may not be the best option.

Composite sinks are another choice and are generally available at a lower price. Most are made of polyester and acrylic. Composite sinks are great for those on tight budgets; however, they may not be as durable as other sink options, so composites may be a good fit in a kitchen or laundry/mudroom that sees light use.

Cleanup is another key factor to consider when choosing a sink. (For instance, it’s important to note that undermount sinks have a joint between the countertop and the sink, and buildup can occur.) Solid surfaces are easier to clean, and while mild scratches can be buffed out, chips may not be repairable. It should also be noted that most stainless steel sinks shouldn’t be cleaned with harsh chemicals, and require cleaning at least once a week for proper maintenance.

How much workspace should a sink offer? Most kitchens today have a double bowl with both sides equal, while other sinks can be had with no divider and extra depth — the right choice depends on how the sink will be put to use day in and day out. has an extensive selection of sinks to fit any need and budget. Shop with us for the best selection and service. Read less -

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