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If you’re looking for the absolute best and latest in bathroom fittings and furnishings, it’s all right here for you at Read more +

We have everything, and we do mean everything, including:

  • Alcove baths
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Bathroom faucets
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Bidets
  • Doors
  • Hardware
  • Mirrors
  • Shower equipment
  • Storage
  • Toilets
  • Towel warmers
  • Tubs and whirlpools – Top quality products, top quality prices, top quality service
Whatever type of bathroom product or accessory you want, has exactly what you want. Whether you’re looking for a faucet or a full scale bathroom suite with all fixtures and fittings, we have it for you right here. Bookmark this page, and use us as your guide for prices with our big discounts. Compare our quality, prices, and product selection choices and you’ll see why is America’s leading online bathroom store.

To order with us all you need to do is choose your product(s), select your preferred product features like color, installation type, sizes, and leave everything to us. You can purchase with PayPal, Amazon Payments or any major credit card. Your purchase will normally ship to you in 2 business days of receipt of your order.

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Brizo RP44182

Brizo RP44182 Tresa Aerator

Product Code: RP44182


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP62640

Brizo RP62640 Tresa Deck Extender

Product Code: RP62640



Brizo 65336LF-ECO

Brizo 65336LF-ECO Tresa 7 1/2" Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet - Eco 1.2 GPM

Product Code: 65336LF-ECO

H 7 1/2" x W 6" to 16" x D 6 3/8"Tresa Collection


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo T66T036

Brizo T66T036 Tresa 7 1/2" Sensori Thermostatic Valve Trim - Lever

Product Code: T66T036

W 7 1/2" x H 7 1/2"Tresa Collection


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP52397

Brizo RP52397 Tresa Hole Cover Assembly

Product Code: RP52397


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo T67338

Brizo T67338 Tresa 8 1/2" Double Handle Deck Mounted Roman Tub Faucet

Product Code: T67338

H 8 1/2" x W 16" x D 11 1/8"Tresa Collection


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP61024

Brizo RP61024 Tresa 2 1/4" Deck Mounted Soap Dispenser

Product Code: RP61024

W 2 1/4" x D 3 7/8" x H 6"Tresa Collection


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo 62936LF

Brizo 62936LF Tresa 11 1/2" Two Handle Deck Mounted Prep Kitchen Faucet

Product Code: 62936LF

H 11 1/2" x W 7 1/8" x D 6 3/8"Tresa Collection


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo 62136LF

Brizo 62136LF Tresa 13 1/4" Two Handle Deck Mounted Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray

Product Code: 62136LF

H 13 1/4" x W 2 5/8" x D 9"Tresa Collection


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo T70338

Brizo T70338 Tresa Two-Handle Tub Filler Trim Kit with Cross Handles

Product Code: T70338


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP90081

Brizo RP90081 Tresa Handle Kit

Product Code: RP90081


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP75460

Brizo RP75460 Tresa Handle Flange and Gasket

Product Code: RP75460


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP63031-1.2

Brizo RP63031-1.2 Tresa 1.2 GPM Aerator

Product Code: RP63031-1.2


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP62641

Brizo RP62641 Tresa End Valve Assembly

Product Code: RP62641



Brizo RP61017

Brizo RP61017 Tresa Handle Assembly

Product Code: RP61017


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP61016

Brizo RP61016 Tresa Replacement Bonnet

Product Code: RP61016


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP61012

Brizo RP61012 Tresa Spray Support Assembly

Product Code: RP61012


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP61575

Brizo RP61575 Tresa Stem Extender

Product Code: RP61575



Brizo RP61021

Brizo RP61021 Tresa 10" Gasket

Product Code: RP61021



Brizo RP61015

Brizo RP61015 Tresa Bonnet Nut Only

Product Code: RP61015



Brizo RP61014

Brizo RP61014 Tresa Hose Assembly

Product Code: RP61014



Brizo RP61013

Brizo RP61013 Tresa Spray and Hose Assembly

Product Code: RP61013


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP61011

Brizo RP61011 Tresa Mounting Assembly

Product Code: RP61011



Brizo RP61009

Brizo RP61009 Tresa Aerator

Product Code: RP61009


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP61007

Brizo RP61007 Tresa Bonnet Nut

Product Code: RP61007



Brizo RP61006

Brizo RP61006 Tresa Mounting Assembly

Product Code: RP61006



Brizo RP61004

Brizo RP61004 Tresa Aerator

Product Code: RP61004


Many Colors

Many Colors
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