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Brizo Accessories and Parts

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Subcategory:Accessories and Parts

Brizo RP70892

Brizo RP70892 European Single Lever Handle Assembly

Product Code: RP70892


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP61013

Brizo RP61013 Tresa Spray and Hose Assembly

Product Code: RP61013


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP43252

Brizo RP43252 Bonnet Nut

Product Code: RP43252



Brizo 69070

Brizo 69070 Disposal and Flange Stopper - Kitchen

Product Code: 69070

W 4 1/2" x H 1 3/4"Brizo Collection


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP52397

Brizo RP52397 Tresa Hole Cover Assembly

Product Code: RP52397


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP71451

Brizo RP71451 Solna 10 1/2" Optional Escutcheon

Product Code: RP71451

W 10 1/2" x D 2 5/8" x H 1/2"Solna Collection


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo HLK175

Brizo HLK175 Odin 7/8" Pull-Down Faucet Lever Handle

Product Code: HLK175

H 7/8" x L 3 1/4"Odin Collection


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo EP100854

Brizo EP100854 VoiceIQ Module for Kitchen Faucet

Product Code: EP100854



Brizo RP40524

Brizo RP40524 Floriano Gasket

Product Code: RP40524



Brizo RP42881

Brizo RP42881 Venuto Pump

Product Code: RP42881



Brizo RP80008

Brizo RP80008 Hose Assembly

Product Code: RP80008



Brizo RP40525

Brizo RP40525 Floriano Trim Ring and Gasket

Product Code: RP40525


Many Colors

Many Colors

Brizo RP50265

Brizo RP50265 Baliza Valve Cartridge

Product Code: RP50265



Brizo RP31689

Brizo RP31689 O-Ring

Product Code: RP31689



Brizo RP81492

Brizo RP81492 Talo Aerator Wrench

Product Code: RP81492



Brizo RP60520

Brizo RP60520 Talo Adapter and O-Ring

Product Code: RP60520



Brizo RP60275

Brizo RP60275 Talo Bonnet Nut

Product Code: RP60275



Brizo RP91786

Brizo RP91786 Litze 1 1/8" Wand Retainer for Kitchen Faucet

Product Code: RP91786

W 1 1/8" x D 1 1/8" x H 1 3/4"Litze Collection



Brizo RP91784

Brizo RP91784 Litze 3/4" Aerator & Wrench for Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Product Code: RP91784

W 3/4" x D 3/4" x H 5/8"Litze Collection



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