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Shower Trim Kits, Valves & Parts


Knowing that nothing lasts forever, and things fall apart, you’ll eventually want to consider trim kits, valves, and other parts. You may also want to change out parts that have become dated or when you are looking to completely overhaul your shower. Read more + has many different ways to increase the options you have when it comes to the way your shower or bath looks and functions. Thermostatic valves with volume control, diverters, and handles don’t come in a one- size-fits-all package, because no two people want their showers to look or feel the same. Spout connectors, valve sets, hoses, mounting kits, and outlets are also available so that your shower or bath not only works, but works well. Kits and parts come in a variety of packages and pricing options. Finding the right one for your bathroom is up to your own stylistic and functional needs. Read less -

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