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Ella OLA3060 Transfer 60" Acrylic Outward Swing L-Shaped Door Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Bathtub in White

Product Code: OLA3060

About Ella OLA3060 Transfer 60" Acrylic Outward Swing L-Shaped Door Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Bathtub in White

The Transfer Wheelchair Accessible Walk In Tub was engineered to suit those with limited mobility or bathers who use a wheelchair. An extra wide, L-shaped outward swing door provides easy and comfortable slide in access for bathers of all types. The Transfer Wheelchair Accessible Walk In Tub is made with a textured, slip-resistant floor, 1 U-shaped, deck-mounted grab bar, and 1 interior sidewall-mounted grab bar. A soothing experience awaits inside. The 22" wide molded seat lets you bathe in a comfortable upright position. You’ll have easy access to your choice of faucet, optional premium feature controls, and the pull-out hand shower for a convenient bathing experience. Check out our variety of packages including features like the exfoliating Infusion Microbubble Therapy, soothing air, hydro, or dual massagers.

Standard Features

  • High quality acrylic
  • Excellent color uniformity
  • Can be used in freestanding installation
  • High gloss white finish
  • Fiberglass reinforced
  • Low step threshold for easy access
  • Seat Width: 22"
  • Stainless steel frame with adjustable levelling legs
  • Two safety grab bars
  • Reversible end panel
  • Plastic composite and tempered glass outward swing door with gear and shaft mechanics for 3 door latches
  • 3 removable access panels
  • Two 2" floor drains
  • Heated seat and backrest 4AMP 470 W
  • LED Chromatherapy light 0.04AMP
  • Aromatherapy
  • On/Off Push controls or digital controller

MicroBubble Therapy System (10 AMP & 1200 W)

  • 1 HP pump
  • Pressure vessel
  • On/Off push control
  • Agitator valve

Air Massage System (4.5AMP & 486W)

  • Refer to technical drawing for jet count
  • 3 Speed pump
  • Auto purge (Activates 20 minutes after pump shutdown)

Hydro Massage System (5AMP & 600W)

  • Refer to technical drawing for jet count
  • Hydro massage intensity dial air control
  • In-line water heater (5.5AMP & 650W)
  • Ozone sterilization

Huntington Brass Fast Fill Faucet Set

  • Jewel arched solid brass spout
  • 3/4" valve, 3/4" ports
  • Ceramic disc cartridges
  • Quick connect spout installation
  • NPS Connections
  • Flow Rate: 18 GPM (Average) @ 60 PSI

Thermostatic Control Valve Faucet Set

  • Designer spout
  • Two 2-way diverters with ADA compliant handles
  • Pull out hand held shower with 5' Retractable stainless steel hose
  • Two 4' long stainless steel braided water supply lines with 1/2" IPS connectors
  • Flow Rate: 8 GPM

Floor Drains

  • Two 2" Brass threaded floor drains with copper overflow and cable operated opener with extended handle

Electrical Requirements

  • Two dedicated 120V electrical line with a 20AMP GFCI standard three prong outlet is required

Key Features & Innovations


MicroBubble Therapy is a process of infusing the pressurized water with billions of micro sized, oxygen rich bubbles. These bubbles whirl around your body to help you rest and unwind. Feel your muscles release built up tension as billions of tiny bubbles burst to help clean and hydrate your skin.

  • Small (10-50 microns) billions of bubbles that float and reach the entire body surface
  • Makes and keeps body warm
  • Sterilizing effect
  • Psychological benefits
  • Exfoliates skin
  • Moisturizes and softens skin
  • Easy to operate: controlled by an air switch


The Ella acrylic walk-in bathtubs can include hydro massage jetting depending on the options you choose. Hydro massage jets are a great solution for those looking for a high pressurized massage.

  • Adjustable pressure control


Ella acrylic walk-in bathtubs can include air massage jetting depending on the options you choose. Air massage jets are a great solution for those looking for a more gentler massage.

  • Auto purge
  • Back flow


Chromatherapy, also known as color therapy is an alternative method of therapy utilizing color and light to balance energy and promote overall wellness. The Ella’s chromatherapy system is an intermittent LED bulb that transitions from shades of red, green and blue light. It has its own push control and can be used at the discretion of the bather.


Aromatherapy as a complementary therapy in our tubs, one that works alongside the power of the massage jets. Together they eradicate stress, anxiety and depression to bring you one step closer to clarity of mind. Aromatherapy will accomplish the task of whisking you away to further your relaxation.

  • System releases pleasing aroma to enhance your relaxation
  • Easy to refill


Ozone sterilization is the process of sterilizing all of the jets and hoses to prevent mold and mildew. It won’t replace cleaning your walk in tub completely, but it does go a long way in disinfecting hard to reach areas.

  • Generates O3 to eliminate bacteria and mold
  • Easily operated push button control
  • Compact and efficient
  • High performance


Ella Acrylic Walk In Bathtubs include our Dual Drain Technology. Draining a walk in bathtub needs to be fast because a bather can not exit until all of the water is completely drained. Adding a second drain decreases wait time and adds to the overall experience of the bathe.

  • Gravity driven dual drain system
  • Empties in approximately 80 seconds (under ideal plumbing conditions)
  • Two independent overflow valves
  • Two ADA compatible extension handles


Ella Acrylic Walk In Bathtubs include a Removable Stainless Steel Door with Tempered Glass. The stainless steel door adds a sleek look and makes your bathtub easier to clean. with its detachable feature, hard to reach places have never been easier to access.

  • Removable for easy cleaning
  • Pin and barrel welded hinge for strength and durability
  • Stainless steel frame and tempered glass window for sleek look


Ella Acrylic Walk In Bathtubs include a Patented 360° swivel tray. Whether it be a book or beverage, you no longer have to worry about where to put the items that aid in your relaxation. The Patented 360° swivel tray adds a touch of additional convenience to complete any spa bath experience.

  • Full 360° swivel range
  • Remove and store it if you don’t need it
  • Recessed area to keep a cup or glass in place


The Ella Walk-In Bath Thermostatic Control Valve 5 Piece Faucet Set comes with a designer spout, two 2 way diverters with ADA compatible handles, a thermostatic control valve, and a pull out hand held shower mixer with 5' retractable stainless steel hose.

  • Chrome finish


Ella Acrylic Walk In Bathtubs include an Ella Standard 5 Piece Faucet Set that comes with a Deck Mounted Thermostatic Control Valve, which is an anti-scald feature that keeps the water at a consistent temperature and prevents water from suddenly shifting to unsafe temperature levels.

  • Adjustable water temperature preset
  • No water temperature fluctuation at the faucet
  • Prevents scalding and thermal shock


The Huntington Brass 5 Piece Fast Fill Roman Tub Faucet with pull out multi-function hand shower is perfect for your walk in bathtub or any bathtub where fill time matters. The fill time for this fast fill faucet will vary based on house water pressure, bathers, and bathtub size. At 18gpm average fill time for an Ella Elite Dual Massage Walk in Tub unoccupied is about 9 minutes. If desired the pull out hand shower can be used for shower while the bathtub is filled to stay warm.

  • Jewel arched solid brass spout
  • Contains 3/4" valve and 3/4" ports
  • Ceramic disc cartridges
  • Quick connect spout installation
  • Average Fow Rate: 18 GPM at 60 PSI
  • NPS connections


ThermoTub is a surface heating system for Ella acrylic walk-in tubs and low threshold shower enclosures. ThermoTub’s advanced radiant heaters provide soothing comfort directly to the surface of the bathtub or shower which allow for a heated seat and backrest. With its warm touch, ThermoTub delivers the ultimate in comfort, relaxation, and health benefits.


Independent foot massage feature in your bath can help increase your overall body temperature, which can relieve muscle and mental tension, help alleviate stress and increase white blood cell activity. Foot massages help relax the muscles and joints. They can also help you reduce depression and anxiety, help with headaches and migraines, and can also improve circulation.




L 60" x W 30" x H 43"
Style Modern/Contemporary
Color Family White
Therapy Type Soaker, Whirlpool, Air, Air/Whirlpool Combo, Chromatherapy, Aromatherapy
Installation Type Walk-in, Free Standing
Material Acrylic
Tub Shape Rectangular
Length 60 in
Width 30 in
Height 43 in
Drain Placement Left, Right
Max. Number of Occupants 1
Water Capacity 90 gallons
Inside Length 51 1/2 in
Inside Width 23 7/8 in
ADA Compliant Yes
Heated Optional
Lighting Optional
Integrated Seat Yes
Jets 29
Controls Electronic
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
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