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Jason V4272 Integrity 72" Acrylic Undermount Oval Bathtub

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$4,117.50 $5,490.00
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On Sale:
$4,117.50 $5,490.00
(25% Off)

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On Sale:
$4,117.50 $5,490.00
(25% Off)
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Product overview


Product Specs:

Product Specs

  • Style: Modern/Contemporary
  • Color Family: White, Biscuit
  • Therapy Type: Soaker, Whirlpool, Air
  • Installation Type: Undermount
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Tub Shape: Oval
  • Length: 72 in
  • Width: 42 in
  • Height: 20 1/2 in
  • Drain Placement: Rear Center
  • Pump Placement: Left, Right
  • Max. Number of Occupants: 2
  • Water Capacity: 70 gallons
  • Operational Water Depth: 15 1/2 in
  • Heated: Optional
  • Sound Dampenning: Yes
  • Made In: USA
  • Warranty: 20 Year Limited Warranty


L 72" x W 42" x H 20 1/2"

About Jason 3138.00.67.01 V4272 Integrity 72" Acrylic Undermount Oval Bathtub

The Integrity Collection is Jason through and through. Integrity AirMasseur baths include a high-quality air blower for quiet maintenance-free operation. Integrity Whirlpool baths feature direction and flow adjustable hydrotherapy jets. The single-speed whirlpool pump delivers quiet operation and long life. Integrity MicroSilk baths offer our exclusive skin rejuvenating technology more affordably than ever before. All three models have an integrated air switch for easy fingertip operation.
  • Acrylic construction
  • Undermount installation
  • Operating Capacity: 40 Gal
  • Overflow Capacity: 70 Gal
  • 120V MicroSilk System - Air on/off control with a 20 minute timer
  • Includes 1 MicroSilk delivery port
  • 3/4 hp, 120V blower - Air on/off control with 20-minute timer & purge
  • 38 strategically located air jets
  • 20-minute timer with purge cycle
  • Color Coordinated fittings: Jason Whirlpool baths feature fittings that are color coordinated to match the bath shell
  • Patented Level-Form Base: Jason’s patented Level-Form base provides support for the entire base of the bath plus vibration and sound reduction. Insulating properties of the Level-Form base are designed to reduce heat loss
  • Sani-Design Technology: Sani-Design technology incorporates a full spectrum of purity-focused components including anti-microbial plumbing, V-Drain Plumbing System, Positive Drain AirMasseur Channel with automatic channel drying system, and optional Jason Bath System Cleaner
  • Fitted Lumbar Support: Our baths provide gently contoured lumbar support and curved seat lines to cradle your body in comfort. Both the lumbar support and slanted backrest are designed to allow your body to achieve the optimally relaxed position
  • Quiet Design Engineering: Silent air controls, quieter jets, streamlined low resistance plumbing and our patented Level-Form™ base all work together to reduce sound and insure a peaceful bathing experience

Key Features & Innovations

Soaking Hydrotherapy

Soaking Hydrotherapy stimulates the contact and temperature receptors located on the surface of your skin, which promotes relaxation, stress relief, natural cardiovascular exercise and increased circulation. Bathing has been a ritual for cleansing and relaxation for thousands of years. Simply soaking in water is a practice wellness seekers worldwide have resorted to for centuries. Immersion in water can relax swollen or inflamed muscles and joints, relieve headaches and stress, reduce fevers, refresh and rejuvenate the body, encourage deep sleep, stimulate circulation, encourage detoxification, hydrate the cells, and much more. Jason has taken the ancient practice of bathing and optimized it for comfort, cleanliness, and luxury. Relaxation and relief are the primary reasons bathers seek hot water soaks. Immersion in hot water improves circulation for improved toxin release and increased cardiovascular activity both of which improve the function of your body’s immune system. Muscles and joints can relax for recovery from strenuous work outs or injury, and conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other aches and pains can be alleviated. Always monitor your comfort in the water and take care not to overheat. Cold water or “ice bath" plunges are popular in athletic and natural healing regimens for stimulation of the circulatory system and reduction of inflammation. A short period of immersion in cold water is enough to stimulate nerve endings and draw blood to the central core of the body, firming the skin. After the bath, blood is pumped quickly around the body stimulating the cardiovascular and immune systems. Alternating hot and cold water in multiple consecutive cycles further stimulates cardiovascular activity and rejuvenates the body. You can achieve these effects by taking a quick, cold bath, from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, based on your comfort/tolerance level. After, immediately towel off and rub skin til’ red or pink in color. After, should feel refreshed and comfortable.

MicroSilk Hydrotherapy

MicroSilk hydrotherapy oxygenates bath water up to 70% more than regular tap water with microbubbles approximately 50 microns in diameter. At such a small size, these microbubbles are able to enter the skin’s pores, removing impurities, carrying oxygen for improved metabolism, lightly caressing skin for exfoliation, and improving hydration for dry skin. Tiny MicroSilk bubbles remain suspended then collapse in the water, keeping heat in the bath and around the body, rather than floating to the top and accelerating the release of heat back into the atmosphere. Contained heat energy provides a bather with consistent warmth across the body and enhances the sauna effect, thus more effectively drawing in moisture, improving circulation, opening pores to release toxins, and increasing cardiovascular activity. The dissolving microbubbles in a MicroSilk bath cause anions to be released at the surface of the water. When anions are released at concentrations above 50,000 ions/cc they are shown to have therapeutic effects of improving serotonin levels. The anions at the surface of a MicroSilk bath are released at concentrations in excess of 80,000 ions/cc, resulting in therapeutic effects such as neutralizing free radicals, improved over-all feelings of wellbeing, calm, and deeper sleep.



AirMasseur Hydrotherapy

Imagine lying back in a bath of bubbly champagne, the feathery touch of the bubbles reach just below your skin's surface for a delicate full-body massage. Like a soothing caress, AirMasseur hydrotherapy:

  • Engages light-touch receptors
  • Promotes a calming effect
  • Increases your sense of relaxation
  • Enhancing your circulation
Jason's specially designed positive drain air channels ensure maximum water drainage from the air channel after each use. Our automatic air channel drying system starts automatically, 20 minutes after you’ve drained your bath, to eliminate leftover moisture in the air channel.

Whirlpool Hydrotherapy

Whirlpool Hydrotherapy brings about true physiological change in your body by engaging the pressure receptors located deeper in the muscle’s tissue. This relieves tight and stressed muscles while promoting tissue rejuvenation and joint flexibility. Other benefits of daily whirlpool hydrotherapy include:

  • Increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body
  • A dramatic increase in the elimination of cell waste and the removal of toxins
  • Increased metabolic rate and digestion
  • An increase in your range of motion
Whirlpool hydrotherapy enhances the body's natural healing process, enabling you to do more. Muscles do two things: contract and relax. When you overwork them, your body's instinct is to contract and protect. These contracted muscles then act like a splint; protecting you from further harm by preventing you from moving fully. As a result, the muscles that do still move have to work harder than normal. Muscles and tendons can adapt to this daily stress, but they also need to rest and rebuild between the episodes of stress in order to grow and prevent future injury. In a Jason Whirlpool bath, our Perfect Pressure | Perfect Flow™ jets are strategically directed at the key muscle groups that are vulnerable to stress and soreness. This precision placement allows your whirlpool bath to:
  • Deliver heat energy directly into muscle tissue inducing vasodilation (increased blood flow)
  • Vibrate and massage sore muscle tissue, relieving muscle tension and inducing a "loose pack" state
The robust yet gentle force transfers energy deep into your muscles allowing them to relax and rejuvenate.



Configured as:
Finish: White
Therapy Type: MicroSilk

This product has the following variations:

SKU Description Price
3138.00.27.01 With Finish: White And Therapy Type: AirMasseur $3,547.50
3138.00.67.01 With Finish: White And Therapy Type: MicroSilk $4,117.50
3138.00.00.01 With Finish: White And Therapy Type: Soaking $1,871.25
3138.00.17.01 With Finish: White And Therapy Type: Whirlpool $3,022.50
3138.00.27.40 With Finish: Bisquite And Therapy Type: AirMasseur $3,547.50
3138.00.67.40 With Finish: Bisquite And Therapy Type: MicroSilk $4,117.50
3138.00.00.40 With Finish: Bisquite And Therapy Type: Soaking $1,871.25
3138.00.17.40 With Finish: Bisquite And Therapy Type: Whirlpool $3,022.50

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